World of Women CEO and Co-founder Yam Karkai announced as Ally of the UN SDG Action Campaign

UN SDG Action Campaign
3 min readSep 19, 2022


Yam Karkai, CEO and Co-founder of World of Women (WoW) has been announced as an Ally of the UN SDG Action Campaign.

An Ally of the UN SDG Action Campaign is a committed individual with the power to tell this new story in unique and impactful ways. They support the UN SDG Action Campaign in calling everyone to a journey of advocacy and action to #FlipTheScript. They represent a diverse range of sectors, communities, and perspectives, and have the influence to activate these communities to shape this new reality. They share the UN SDG Action Campaign’s vision that everyone has the power in their hands to reimagine the world and catalyze positive change.

“I am honored to be named an Ally of the UN SDG Action Campaign this year. Together, we can positively impact the future through inspiration, action and creativity,” said Yam Karkai. “The World of Women community has reached to achieve our own change beginning in the way that people view NFTs and women and diverse people in web3. I hope that everybody who shares our values and mission will join us in this endeavor of building the inclusive future that we need and deserve.”

As her first engagement as an Ally, Yam Karkai and Code Green are mobilizing the NFT community to create a series of digital artworks supporting the UN SDG Action Campaign’s global campaign Flip The Script — which emphasizes that we must rethink how we do things to create the transformative change we need to see in the world.

Check out the digital artworks at
WoW Community & Team (shoutout to mebynetta!)

A ceremony was held on Sunday, September 18th to announce Karkai as an Ally of the UN SDG Action Campaign, as part of an event co-hosted with Code Green, the mission-driven web3 organization led by Inna Modja. Inna Modja, Head of Philanthropy at WoW & Founder at Code Green, is a UNCCD Ambassador & a judge for the 2022 UN SDG Action Awards.

The Exhibition launched at Goals House, Tavern on the Green at a high-profile event focused on the exciting new frontier of The Metaverse and how it can be harnessed to spark progress on the Sustainable Development Goals in front of an audience of global changemakers, UN officials and the web3 community.

Artworks were displayed on digital screens in New York’s Central Park, and from 22 September across more than 28 airports around the world via a partnership with VINCI Airports including London’s Gatwick Airport. It is anticipated the exhibit will then tour the globe at major political and cultural moments.

The 200+ attendee event also served as the launchpad for a powerful new web3 tool developed by Code Green called The Vampires, which allows NFT holders to offset their historical carbon emissions while receiving a Vampire artwork as proof that they have sucked carbon from their cryptowallets. The Vampires is based on an opensource Soulbound protocol — the next generation of NFTs that cannot be transferred for monetary value.



UN SDG Action Campaign

Official account of the UN SDG Action Campaign, aiming to mobilize, inspire & connect a movement to #FlipTheScript for the #GlobalGoals