Unveiling the 21 Finalists of the 2019 UN SDG Action Awards!

This year, the selection process has been harder than ever with more than 2000 excellent applications from 142 countries. Now a judging panel of + 20 leaders will select one winner per category out of the 3 finalists. You can have a role and like & share your favourites to win the People’s Choice Award

Meet the 2019 #SDGAwards Finalists!


Using visual or creative representations of data to influence decision-makers and the public of the importance of the SDGs

Unequal Scenes — Cape Town, South Africa

A drone-based art project showing people the radical divisions that inequality engenders around the world

Safecity: Crowdmap for sexual violence — Mumbai, India

A platform that crowdsources personal stories of sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces to empower women and strengthen policing

SDG-Portal for Municipalities — Gütersloh, Germany

Visualising progress on SDGs in cities through easy to use indicators


Capturing powerful human stories to help communicate the interconnectedness of the SDGs in people’s lives through different mediums

The owners of water — Lima, Peru

An investigative series that reveals the degree of inequality in both access and distribution of water within indigenous communities

The backway: from Africa to Europe — Barcelona, Spain

A visual transmedia project illustrating the main African migratory routes from West and East Africa to Europe

Humans & Climate Change Stories — Lausanne, Switzerland
An immersive multimedia form of storytelling following the impact of Climate Change on 12 families’ lives in different countries over 10 years


Mobilizing individuals, organizations or networks for collective action for the SDGs

Follow the Money — Abuja, Nigeria

An initiative that shows and tracks national governments’ and foreign assistance spending to empower citizens — including marginalized communities- to hold governments to account for their commitments

2030 Youth Force in the Philippines — The Philippines

A nationwide mobilization of thousands of young people, aged between 15 and 30, raising awareness on the Agenda 2030 whilst building the next generation of leaders for the SDGs

Sustainable Turn (VS) — São Paulo, Brasil

City-wide creative festivals for the SDGs (9 cities across Brazil) mobilizing 7.2 million participants and reaching out to more than 100 million people in 2018


Harnessing artistic expression to spur SDG Action and awareness through creativity, empowering and connecting people

My Earth Songs: Songs for Children on Sustainability — Bangalore, India

27 SDG songs for children created by the Grammy Award Winner Ricky Kej and being used by thousands of schools reaching more than 5 million kids

Our Sustainability: A Reminder Through Interactive Experience -Subang Jaya, Malaysia

An interactive experience designed by the multimedia school The One Academy to bring the SDG awareness to commercial malls

Make Art / Stop AIDS: Youth — Zomba, Malawi

Youth theatre and poetry programmes addressing taboos on sexual and reproductive health in a country with extremely high HIV rates


Ensuring that excluded groups become part of the SDG dialogue and decision making in their community or at international levels. Leave No One Behind!

African Monitor: Citizen’s Report — Cape Town, South Africa

Youth groups capturing data to lead citizen monitoring initiatives and hold governments to account on SDGs progress

ALMAJIRI Child Education and Social Inclusion — Abuja, Nigeria

Breaking religious and cultural barriers to ensure inclusive education to millions of street children

Transforming Lives Make Senses for Everyone — United Kingdom

A campaign showcasing the transformative legacy of the London 2012 Paralympics:1 million more people with disabilities in Great Britain finding jobs


Engaging multiple stakeholders or building networks to generate the transformational change needed to make the SDGs a reality

The plastic bank — Haiti, Philippines and USA

IBM blockchain platform connects recycling entrepreneurs from amongst the world’s poorest to clean up ocean plastic, tackle poverty and advance circular economy

NYC Voluntary Local Review of the Sustainable Development Goals — New York, USA

The first city in the world to report to the UN on local progress on SDGs through a Voluntary Local Review (VLR)

Italian Sustainable Development Festival 2018 — Rome, Italy

A nation-wide movement across all sectors of Italian society, to disseminate a culture of sustainability through 800+ events in 17 days


Local, national and international communications campaign to raise public awareness about the SDGs and people’s role in SDG action

A White Dress Doesn’t Cover the Rape #Undress522 — Beirut, Lebanon

A provocative national campaign that led to the repeal of Article 522, the infamous law allowing rapists to avoid prosecution by marrying their victims

The #RunningDry movement — Cape Town, South Africa

One woman takes on 100 marathons in 100 days for 1 reason: to win the global water crisis

Integrity Idol: “Naming and Faming” Honest Government Officials — Islamabad, Pakistan

Nationally broadcasted contests to identify and reward honest government officials as role models of integrity and personal responsibility

The 21 Finalists’ initiatives show how innovation, creativity and commitment can lead to impactful SDG actions around the world. These initiatives serve as an inspiration to the growing community of SDG change-makers and influencers taking action for the Goals. The winner of each category, along with the People’s Choice Award, will be announced at the SDG Action Awards Ceremony, on 2 May 2019 at 18:00 CET at the SDG Global Festival of Action.

Join the movement and watch the winners receive their prize in person on via live broadcast on UN WebTV: http://webtv.un.org/

Meet the 2019 #SDGAwards Finalists!

Originally published at UN SDG Action Campaign.



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