Sustainable Development Goals of immediate concern to South Sudanese and their families

“Participating and helping with the MYWorld2030 survey is my way of helping my community and South Sudan at large.”Tabann de Bol, MYWorld Volunteer
“People might ask, where are the youth of South Sudan? They are full of conflict, they like fighting… We can change this, step by step. Achieving SDGs is a collective effort, it is not done only from the government side”. Emmanuel Lobijo, MYWorld Volunteer

Low Awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals in South Sudan

Figure 1: Percent of respondents aware of the sustainable development goals

Which goals are of most immediate concern?

Figure 2: Global Goals that are of immediate concern to you and your family

Perceptions of progress on the Goals

Figure 3: Perception of whether the situation has gotten better or worse or remained the same for each SDG (Percent)
  • Chapter II: Permanent ceasefire and transitional security arrangements (SDSG 16);
  • Chapter III: Humanitarian assistance and reconstruction (SDG 3 & 4);
  • Chapter IV: Resource, economics and financial management (SDG 8);
  • Chapter V: Transitional justice, accountability, reconciliation, and healing (SDG 16);
  • Chapter I: Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity
  • Chapter VI: Parameters of Permanent Constitution
  • Chapter VII: Joint Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Chapter VIII: Supremacy of the agreement and procedures for amendment.



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