#Act4SDGs mobilizes millions for the SDGs and the Decade of Action ahead

1. Plogging Is the New Jogging — Cleaning Up Over and Underwater Everywhere

2. Performing and Visual Arts Inspire Passion for the Goals

3. Building and Creating Practical Items Inspired by the SDGs

A Associação Encosta de Sol constructed a sky crossing to assist wild animals in crossing a road in Itatiba, Brazil. The sky

4. Sports for the SDGs

5. Civil Society Standing Together in (Performative) Marches

6. Reaching Broad Audiences through Radio Broadcasts

7. Transitioning to a Circular Economy

8. Young People Getting More and More Engaged for the SDGs

9. Municipalities Stepping Up Action



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UN SDG Action Campaign

UN SDG Action Campaign

Official account of the UN SDG Action Campaign, aiming to mobilize, inspire & connect a movement to #TurnItAround for the #GlobalGoals