#FlipTheScript: Five lessons the world can learn from youth

This video was premiered at the UN ECOSOC Youth Forum, on 20 April 2022.

1. Society can’t change without the help of young people

2. It is not too late to rewrite the script. We can solve global challenges in our lifetime.

“Look out for organizations that work with issues that matter to you. Sort out how you would like to help. There is service you can do in person or virtually. Discuss your scope of work and start small. Every little bit of effort counts.”
Prajakta Koli, Digital Content Creator, at an interview with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

3. We have to involve youth in decision-making processes. No way it’s impossible.

4. Youth are destined to reach beyond, not fall behind. A better future is within our hands.

5. Young people were born to lead, not follow.

“Talk to us and fight with us. Silence the room and make space for us. [Marginalized people] are not just anecdotes in your speech about how bad the climate crisis is. Talk about how we’ve been fighting climate injustice for all our lives.”
Mitzi at the 2021 SDG Global Festival of Action.



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