Facing Global Challenges in A New Era — UNGA Side Event Launches Report on Effective Multilateral Partnerships

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Global Partnership report highlights the critical need to build an ‘effective’ multilateral system

New York, 15 September 2022 — In the margins of the 77th UN General Assembly, the Global Partnership (GPEDC) launched an interim report on A Space for Change: Partner Perspectives on an Effective Multilateral System to address how to build a more ‘effective’ multilateral system to better prepare for the multiple challenges in an increasingly uncertain world.

From record numbers of displaced persons to era-defining pandemics, the need for an effective multilateral system has never been more important. The Report, launched in the lead up to the 2022 Effective Development Co-operation Summit (12–14 December, Geneva/hybrid), aims to identify what it takes to build an effective multilateral system as we look to achieve the SDGs — especially in view of the scale of today’s challenges.

Ms. Ulrika Modéer (UNSDG Representative to the Global Partnership) opened the UNGA side event highlighting that “delegates from 193 nations are arriving in NY to discuss some of the most burning questions facing us as an international community, from the climate crisis to war and peace, to the fall-out of widening inequalities and the resulting social fissures.”

With cascading and interlinked crises putting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs) in grave danger, the Report captures analysis from a series of interviews held with multiple stakeholders and intends to understand how we can transform the way we work together by building an ‘effective’ multilateral system. It takes a closer look at i) why donors commit to effective donorship and how they execute it; and ii) the added value of working with the multilateral system and how it can help to better align with the effectiveness principlescountry ownership, focus on results, inclusive partnerships, mutual accountability and transparency.

“Our existing efforts…hold valuable lessons for us, and for how we can make sure the multilateral system is working effectively for us: as a convening space, and a policy space, that provides partners with new options and solutions for navigating issues collectively that they cannot contend with individually,” Ms. Modéer elaborated as she launched the report.

Partners presented their perspectives and expectations on how the multilateral system can serve as a more effective partner to collectively build more resilient and sustainable solutions as we inch closer to the 2030 Agenda deadline. Presentations were made by the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund, Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, and the Global Partnership followed by interventions from APC Colombia, Sweden, OECD, IADB and CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness. Ms. Viviana Manrique from APC Colombia emphasized that “country ownership is a driver for development. The UN agencies hold international recognition for their expertise… and so can promote and validate local/community-based innovation and knowledge”.

Partners further reflected on what is most effective about the multilateral space: a protected sphere for shared action that creates options, alternatives and even ways of saving face for navigating some of the toughest policy challenges going, from the climate crisis to war. It is the very fabric of our solidarity across nations and borders, and a mutual support and protection network.

The abridged report on interim findings is for the purposes of sharing key ideas which have been initially validated and is still in the process of being validated. The full report will be released ahead of the 2022 Summit. Please refer to this page for more information.

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