Are you ready for change? Nearly 80% believe ‘THEY ARE!’

How ready are we to ‘turn things around’ in our already anomalous lives, today?

Large amount of waste that humans produce — Lynn / Canon Young People Programme

While the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing organizations, governments and businesses to rethink governance and business models in a more sustainable way, reports reveal a very positive and enthusiastic trend among individuals, willingness to make significant changes to lifestyle and adopt a more sustainable living in order to stop and reverse climate change.

Nearly 80 per cent of the 1,000 respondents from the UK and USA are keen to adopt lifestyle changes for a sustainable climate change, according to a survey by Futerra, a change agency promoting sustainability, in partnership with the innovative market researchers OnePulse.

Solitaire Townsend, co-founder of Futerra and a leading sustainability activist, sums up the survey saying,

“I have conducted a lot of research over the years in sustainability, but I was surprised at the strength of the positivity among respondents; an extraordinary 80 per cent of the people were ready for change. These results certainly make a case on ‘wastage’ to the people; wastage of energy, wastage of food, packaging, etc. This is something that people really understand now and are prepared to act upon. I’m also surprised at the high number of people ready to eat less meat and change their modes of transport to a more sustainable way. These emphasize the point that people are ready to change.”

Sorting through donations of shoes for refugees — Jana / Canon Young People Programme

Interestingly, the most unexpected finding for Townsend was a growing realization and conviction among individuals, that change was possible without making drastic sacrifices to one’s lifestyle, while enhancing the overall quality of life and health.

Marina Ponti, Global Director, UN SDG Action Campaign on how the time was right for a transformational change worldwide:

“Amid the pandemic, the optimism of the results really stands out, sending across a strong message that change is possible, change is now. It is time to turn things around. I would like to adjudge the survey as a sign of a butterfly effect that could take effect, if given the right push.

“The pandemic has indeed driven people to look towards sustainable living and sustainable future and this is right moment to give wind to the flames of change in order to achieve sustainable development goals — for the people and the planet.”

These results can be a signal of change to invite entrepreneurs, corporates, governments and individuals to rethink climate-friendly solutions in our efforts for a green and sustainable living and for decision-makers to implement regulations to accomplish the sustainable development goals by 2030.

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Leon Selepe / Canon Young People Programme