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As global leaders meet for the UN General Assembly, change-makers around the world come together to collectively call for a more healthy, just and peaceful planet

19 September 2022: Millions of people from communities around the world will be taking part in marches and events to highlight the urgent need for accelerated action for a healthy, just and peaceful planet over the coming week. People across the globe are joining a Week of Action, to call on their leaders to ensure renewed efforts on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to ‘flip the script’ on the trajectory of our future.

Taking place from the 16 to 25 September, during the high-level UN General Assembly debate in New York, the Global Week to #Act4SDGs brings together organizations and individuals in diverse communities to show world leaders that people all around the world are committed to take action to achieve transformative change by 2030.

It comes as a recent UN Report reveals that the cascading and interlinked crises we face are putting the ambitious targets of the SDGs in grave danger. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, impact of the war in Ukraine and ongoing climate change are leading to major challenges for all societies around the world.

Action for Sustainable Development (A4SD), a convening partner of the Global Week to #Act4SDGs, has worked with many partners to develop a joint set of demands to world leaders, which highlights the critical need to ensure peace, climate action and social justice, signed by activists and non-profit organisations from around the world.

Lysa John, Secretary General of CIVICUS, the World Alliance for Citizen Participation, said: “In 2015, world leaders agreed on a plan for a future which would put people and the planet before profits. Sadly, these ambitions have not been delivered, and instead we have seen growing inequalities and grotesque profits going to the pharmaceutical and oil industries due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the rising cost of living. Many community groups and activists are also facing greater repression when they speak out. World leaders now need to deliver real action to ensure the lofty ambitions of the 2030 Agenda can be reached.”

Hallima Nyota, a youth activist from Kenya, speaking on behalf of Action for Sustainable Development said: “Young people are not willing to be taken for granted- we are stepping up to take action. In my work, I have seen the direct impact of climate change on young women and our communities. Livelihoods are being lost and families are facing multiple crises. We are tired of the lack of action from leaders. We face urgent challenges in terms of climate, peace and social justice but we do not see urgency on the part of leaders. I hope the new leadership in Kenya will deliver on their promise to ‘leave no one behind’!”

Marina Ponti, Director of the UN’s SDG Action Campaign said: “In these challenging times for the world, the power is in our hands to flip the script on climate, justice and peace — which means re-writing the narrative and reclaiming our future. A future with people and planet in focus. The UN SDG Action Campaign and its partners have shown that we are stronger together as we can mobilize millions of people to bring about positive change,”

Key events taking place during the Global Week to #Act4SDGs include:

- Brazil — A flash mob outside Congress with banners will share key demands with current parliamentarians and candidates for the next election to pledge their commitment to deliver on the 2030 Agenda on sustainable development

- Mexico — My World Mexico are hosting a major SDG Festival in Guadalajara with hundreds of young people from across the country, sharing community solutions and enabling a dialogue with local decision-makers.

- India — Marches will take place at popular public locations with the representatives of at least 12 marginalised communities including Dalit, Adivasis, Denotified and Nomadic Tribes, Women, and Children. This major mobilisation moment across at least 5 states will showcase and share the views of marginalised communities in various parts of the country.

- Philippines — A Philippines youth assembly will aim to bring voices of diverse young people into dialogue with parliamentarians and local assemblies on at least 3 different islands.

- South Africa — In South Africa, there will be beach cleaning programmes and a Peace walk through Durban, Kwazulu Natal. This will include an event with young people to discuss challenges and perspectives around tackling climate change in the region and to consider ways of reducing gender-based violence in South Africa. There will also be a Roundtable Dialogue on SDGs in Cape Town as well as tree planting in Gugulethu, Cape Town.

- Nigeria — An Awareness Walk and people’s assembly in Kwara State will aim to bring diverse voices together from around the country. The session will feature young people, sharing their own experiences of tackling climate change in dialogue with local government representatives.

Notes to editors:

The full database of actions can be seen here: https://act4sdgs.org/global-map/

The joint statement for Peace, Climate and Justice is here: https://action4sd.org/time-is-now/

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