Six young climate activists to watch

1. Mitzi Jonelle Tan

“The Global North isn’t supposed to give money as ‘solidarity,’ you’re supposed to give that money because you caused the climate crisis. Framing it as a solidarity fund erases the accountability of these countries that caused the climate crisis.”
—Mitzi Jonelle Tan, Turning Point Dialogue

2. Adriana Calderon

“If we have the opportunity and the tools to defend the defenders of the earth, let’s do it because they are not only looking out for our home, but they’re protecting where we all live. We have to demand justice for them.” — Adriana Calderon, Turning Point Dialogue

3. Rosario Garavito

“We are facing two two crises — the health crisis caused by the pandemic and the climate crisis. We need answers that will help us face the different challenges of both crises. If we respond to COVID, we must respond in a way that does not affect the planet, nor our ecosystems.” — Rosario Garavito, Turning Point Dialogue

4. Esther Maina

“We want to denounce the sameness of injustices, violations of indigenous rights, the same deforestation, the same damages, the same promises, and the same results and embrace a paradigm shift towards ensuring that we realize a transformative change.” — Esther Maina, Turning Point Dialogue

5. Okalani Mariner

“My vision for COP26 is to see more indigenous people of color involved in these conversations — we have always been the conservators and stewards of our environment, and have always had a symbiotic relationship, relying on nature to survive, we respect it.” — Okalani Mariner, Turning Point Dialogue

6. Vanessa Nakate

“My call to action would be for people to actually advocate for the education of girls and women for climate. Girls who are educated make better decisions and know how to live and get out of poverty. Good secondary science education brings a better understanding of climate change and a greater agency to tackle it. Today’s girls are going to be tomorrow’s doctors, scientists, and campaigners!”
—Vanessa Nakate, SDG Action Zone

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